Adventure Holidays for Singles

adventure holidays for singles

We all need a break from the routine of our daily life, no matter our situation. Stress builds up and not only makes us less content but less productive too. We can become tetchy, inefficient, even unwell without a proper chance to unwind. For some people, going on a relaxing beach holiday, resort, or even just time off at home is enough to de-stress, but the most rejuvenating experiences come from radically changing your normal patterns of behaviour and environment, not just slowing things down. For some, the only way to decompress is through adventure.

Holidays for singles or ‘lone rangers’ are often overlooked. Everyone we know has a recommended holiday destination. Friends, family, and colleagues will all have their own ideas about where you should take your next break, but they are often based on personal circumstances or experiences and may not be applicable to you. Cities like Paris and Venice are suggested for a quick city break, but romantic destinations such as these don’t necessarily appeal to the single person looking to enjoy their freedom. Similarly, many resorts advertise their suitability for couples and families, overlooking the fact that this might not be an attractive concept for many people, and you rarely hear about destinations for exhilarating adventure holidays.

For singles, the options may seem limited, but this simply is not true. Without others to worry about, your break from the daily grind can be anything you want it to be, whether you want to explore, participate in extreme sports or just do something spontaneous. As a single person, the only limitations are your own, and even those you can challenge yourself to overcome. By being able to tailor your holiday completely to your own needs, it can be anything you want – invigorating, a learning experience, a new adventure, a challenge. Daily life doesn’t always offer these, and without them, we can become static.


Freedom is one of the great benefits of single life. Whilst we all still have obligations, such as work and family, taking some much-needed R&R time is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on your independence. After all, those commitments are part of the routine we all need a break from so that we can perform them with the energy and commitment they deserve upon our return. Adventure holidays are a more complete experience than traditional holidays, as the level of active participation is so much higher, whilst still being a complete break away from daily life, meaning you will return feeling reinvigorated.


Pencari Black’s experiences are the perfect adventure holidays for singles or individuals. Freefall parachuting is the ultimate adrenaline rush whilst you marvel at the scenery of the American West from a completely unique perspective. Live Firing immerses you in the Czech wilderness whilst you hone the skills and quick reactions necessary to become a crack shot marksman with automatic weapons. Man tracking tests your powers of observation, decision-making and sheer courage as you hunt the ultimate predator through the African bush. Agent Contact in the San Diego desert gives you the opportunity to practice survival skills that will see you through to your next RV – the next level in adventure holidays. Whichever experience you choose, your independence will allow you to completely immerse yourself in these experiences, creating unforgettable memories while developing skills that usually only belong to highly-trained, elite soldiers.


Being single shouldn’t close off holiday options, it should open them up. Adventure holidays are the best way to decompress because they do more than just rejuvenate you back to normal, they leave a lasting impression upon you long-term. Maybe you’ll try something for the first time you never thought you’d be able to do, or you’ll see somewhere new in a completely unique way. Whatever your take away from your holiday, it is sure to do more than just rest you so that you can return to your routine, it can very well change you in a way that improves your life in all areas. It may be daunting to try something so extreme, but it can be infinitely more rewarding, and surprisingly rejuvenating. Embrace your freedom and reap the rewards.