By the arduous nature of our experiences the rigours that these adventures place on our clothing and gear, mean that we must search for the very best there is. Guess what - we found it! Whether… Read More

The Joy of Silence

Silence. How often do you experience it? Your mind, soul and body relaxed. No restless thoughts or nagging doubts. In control. Calm. Focused on just being. In a high-octane world, being able to compartmentalise our… Read More

Decompression with a difference

We recently had the absolute pleasure of being the only visitors to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary for the midday 'noon feed’ and can honestly say it is NOT TO BE MISSED when staying at Saruni Samburu… Read More

Up close and personal: when the training kicks in

  Training. We all need it to be the best that we can be. Training in the special forces takes on another meaning – combat takes place on many stages and in various scenarios. We are… Read More
adventure holidays for singles

Adventure Holidays for Singles

We all need a break from the routine of our daily life, no matter our situation. Stress builds up and not only makes us less content but less productive too. We can become tetchy, inefficient,… Read More
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The ultimate breath-taking thrill – the HALO jump

To many, the thought of boarding an aircraft with the knowledge that you won’t be on board when it lands is a terrifying prospect. For adrenaline junkies, it’s a thrill. When you take part in… Read More
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Must-Visit Travel Destinations

Travel is good for the soul, a character-building experience that exposes you to new cultures and surroundings, away from the familiarity of everyday life. The world has so many places worth visiting, that it’s hard… Read More

Military Experiences: The Secret Behind Business Success

Have you ever wondered why you hear terms like “brotherhood” and “family” used in connection with the military? It’s because shared experiences of facing challenges and pushing limits creates a bond between people like no… Read More

Imagine the Impossible - Luxury Experiences

Imagine the Impossible - Immersive luxury experiences for the discerning adventurer. We wanted to show you what your adventure might hold for you. Whether inserting into your mission from 28,000ft, via a freefall HALO jump, mantracking… Read More

Secret Escapes: our 7 favourite places to decompress

After a high-octane PENCARI Black adventure, you will have thoroughly earned a few days of ‘R&R’ to recuperate. Through their service in the Special Forces, the PENCARI Black team have travelled to every corner of… Read More