The only noise is the sound of your parachute canopy lightly fluttering over your head, as you drift under a moonless sky into your designated Drop Zone. It’s not until you unbuckle your parachute harness that the realisation hits you – you’re now behind enemy lines and must make a series of Check Points – ‘Hand Offs’* in order to make a successful Agent Contact. Get it right and over the next few days you will work together to establish an Escape and Evasion network, a ‘Ratline’* for use by downed Pilots and other Advanced forces who are ‘on the run’. Get it wrong and your whole world becomes a very different place…

* Hand Off – A location or checkpoint, part of a network of successive locations leading to ultimate freedom.
* Ratline – a term used to describe the movement one might see in a line of rats that move fast from one hole to the next, one hiding place after another)

At our discreet location in San Diego CA, USA we shall immerse you in this unique and one of a kind experience. In a town of role players – think Westworld but without the cyborgs, you will need to find the right path to your ‘friendly’ Resistance contact. Get it right, you earn their trust and life starts to get a little easier, get it wrong…and your world changes very quickly! Don’t worry, our team of former Special and Commando Forces personnel will guide you through what can only be described as a truly testing, exhilarating and wholly inspirational adventure experience.

  • 4 and 6 day experiences available, including travel
  • Suitable for groups and individuals
  • All inclusive

Imagine the impossible – then live it

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Imagine the Impossible - Then Live It