Over the drone of the aircraft engines you hear the rasp of your breath in the oxygen mask. The aircraft’s tail gate slowly opens and the cold night air rushes in. Your Jump Master tells you to stand up, by the glow of the red jump light you shuffle to the tailgate and look down into the abyss. Green light – GO!

Ever wondered what the body goes through as you plummet towards the earth in excess of 120mph/190kph all from 22.000ft/6500m? From this altitude, you will be breathing pure oxygen, without which the brain quickly becomes disorientated. You jump, the ice cold cuts through your face mask like a scalpel, you fight to control your breathing and look up to see the curvature of the horizon – the adrenaline rush is like no other.

High Altitude Low Opening – HALO or High Altitude High Opening – HAHO
Journey to our bespoke training centre in the Colorado Desert for an all expenses tandem Free Fall experience. Our immensely experienced team of former Special Forces professionals – with literally thousands of jumps between them, will train and guide you through this unbeatable and totally exhilarating adventure. This is a lifetime trip to truly tell your friends about.

'Once You Have Tasted Flight You Will Forever Walk The Earth With Your Eyes Turned Skyward, For There You Have Been And There You Will Always Long To Return' - Leonardo Da Vinci

Why not combine a tandem Free Fall and jump straight into your very own Live Fire or Agent Contact Mission? Ask our Concierge for more information.