The muzzle kicks as the 5.56mm round exits the barrel. The bolt carrier chambers the next round, the recoil smacks the butt of the M4 Assault Rifle into your shoulder. Through your sight picture, you have the satisfaction of watching the target drop as you swiftly transition to the next target. Sweat runs down between your back and the inside of your armoured plate carrier, the raw smell of cordite hangs in the air… This is live firing, Pencari Black style.

We will collect you, your family or friends from your office or home, fly you directly to the vicinity of our amazing range complex. On arrival, you will be met by our team of former Special and Commando forces who will accompany you to your hotel and will allow you to settle in to your lavish surroundings. Prior to supper, you will receive a full briefing for what is a truly amazing experience.

The following day you will arrive at our private and totally secluded firing range, here you will spend the next two days learning the skills to move and shoot like a Special and Commando Forces Operator

Our Live Fire package includes ‘Static Firing’ as well as ‘Fire and Movement’, including transition to Side Arms. You will have available a full range of Full Bore weapons incorporating both Semi and Fully Automatic fire, all with a copious supply of ammunition.

Firing from and into vehicles.
Heli Sniping available upon request.

Our immensely experienced Special and Commando forces professionals will safely guide you through this incredible adventure experience, allowing you to return home recharged and open.

Call our Concierge now on +44 (0)1202 946202 or email:

and we will be happy to guide and advise you on fulfilling your ultimate adventure experience.

What are you waiting for? You only live once!

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