Will you have the skills to follow, pursue, and close with a live enemy force?

Deploy by Executive Jet into the ‘heart of darkness’ – Africa! On arrival swiftly cross-deck to a light, yet capable aircraft and after a short journey you will find yourself bumping down a desert landing strip in the middle of the African bush.

You will be met by our team of former Special & Commando Forces Operators and after a swift drive through the bush, arrive at your Forward Operating Base. Your Mission – to track and pursue the most dangerous predator of them all – Man!

Over the next three days, you will learn how to visually track and pursue a group of armed insurgents through the demanding African bush, before launching on to your final mission and closing with the enemy! Experience incredible wildlife at close hand and be prepared for every eventuality.

On successful completion of your operation decompress at one of our partners’ incredible luxury Safari lodges, before your return flight back to the ‘World’. Our immensely experienced Special and Commando forces professionals will train and guide you through this incredible adventure experience.

‘There is No Hunting Like the Hunting of Man, and Those Who Have Hunted Armed Men Long Enough and Liked it, Never Care for Anything Else Thereafter’ - Ernest Hemingway

Imagine The Impossible – Then Live It

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