Must-Visit Travel Destinations

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Travel is good for the soul, a character-building experience that exposes you to new cultures and surroundings, away from the familiarity of everyday life. The world has so many places worth visiting, that it’s hard to know where to start, so the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of holiday you want. Whilst it’s tempting to opt for a simple beach holiday when you want to unwind from your daily routine, something a little more active and outside-the-box could be just the thing to get your R&R, whilst also giving you a more invigorating and lasting takeaway. If you need to decompress, but want to do more than just chill on a beach, here are a few locations ideal for luxury activity holidays:


While the USA is hardly off the beaten trail, it is a huge country with a range of incredible landscapes and variety that is impossible to experience in just one trip, and with Canada and Mexico just over the borders, North America is the perfect destination for scenic diversity. The US is often thought of in terms of its incredible metropolises such as Chicago and New York City, but the American West is home to some of the most diverse scenery in the country – a mixture of desert, mountains, lakes and forests as well as vibrant, sprawling cities make up this incredible region of the States.

The Mountain States such as Colorado and New Mexico are home to the rugged and formidable Rocky Mountains that the pioneers had to cross when they first headed west. Meanwhile, the Pacific States such as California and Washington, all contribute to the massive coastline that looks out onto the North Pacific Ocean. A huge range of outdoor sport and adventure holidays are available in the West. You can surf, hike, kayak, and ski, but there’s only one way to see the diversity of this formidable landscape all at once – from 22,000 feet in the air as you fall towards it. Our freefall parachuting experience combines a unique perspective of the breath-taking horizon with the ultimate adrenaline rush, making a scenic trip away the perfect luxury activity holiday.


Europe is one of the most eclectic parts of the world, with so many different strong cultural identities making it impossible to define a quintessential European experience. Whilst there are many similarities in lifestyle and conduct across Europe, each country has its own quirks and customs as well as unique scenery. One shining example is the Czech Republic. From cities steeped in culture and historical architecture to the woodlands and rolling countryside of the Northern region, the Czech Republic is a proud representation of the complexity and majesty of Europe.

If you prefer exploration over city breaks, the Moravian Karst in the south is a cave network featuring rugged gorges and Neanderthal carvings. The north of the country boasts areas such as Bohemian Switzerland, a massive National Park that is perfect for walks and hiking with its wild valleys, impressive rock formations and frozen waterfalls. But if you really want to try something special in the Czech Republic, Pencari Black’s Live Firing experience makes a truly unforgettable luxury activity holiday. You will learn to move and shoot like a Special Forces Operator in the private, secluded firing range in the country’s northern region, experiencing the wilderness through a soldier’s eyes.


A holiday to Africa can be a life-changing experience and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Kenya, in particular, is something special – home to an expansive terrain, incredible wildlife, and a tropical climate on the coastline of the Indian Ocean. Kenya has a wealth of new and exciting landscapes that must be seen to be believed. As well as the famous savannahs, Kenya is home to picturesque sites like Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical freshwater lake, the Great Rift Valley, an intra-continental valley with a chain of volcanoes, and Amboseli National Park, which boasts large herds of free-roaming animals as well as breath-taking views of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kenya has no shortage of options when it comes to safaris, national parks, historical and religious sites. But for the ultimate luxury activity holiday, Pencari Black’s Man Tracking experience provides an entirely new perspective. This experience will allow you to see Africa in a completely unique way, tracking the world’s most dangerous predator – man. The experience will take you to the demanding African Bush, where over three days you will learn to track and pursue a group of armed insurgents. In one of the world’s most challenging terrains, you will be pushed to your limit as you experience the wilderness through the eyes of a hunter.

The most rewarding trips are those that challenge you and take you to places you never thought you’d go. Luxury activity holidays combine rest and relaxation with adventure and testing limits for the perfect getaway. By going off the beaten track or trying something new, you can make your trip an enriching, invaluable holiday. And by choosing a Pencari Black experience, you can turn your holiday into a true adventure.