Military Experiences: The Secret Behind Business Success

Have you ever wondered why you hear terms like “brotherhood” and “family” used in connection with the military? It’s because shared experiences of facing challenges and pushing limits creates a bond between people like no other. With Pencari Black, you don’t need to enlist to get this military experience, as we bring our expertise to you. Our one-of-a-kind special operations experiences can help your people come together and function as a true team should.

Whatever you want to get out of your team, our military experiences will produce results better than you thought possible. Your team will be training with former members of some of the world’s most elite forces to achieve a wealth of skills that will enrich their lives, increase their confidence, and make them into a limitless, cohesive workforce.


Whilst almost any training will claim to improve your team’s problem-solving skills, none can put them to the test like this. Authentic scenarios in situ will push your team to take swift, decisive action, and find solutions to obstacles that they have never before come across. After being briefed and deployed, your team will have to rely on each other to determine the best course of action, execute the mission and achieve their overall aim. From deciding the best route to take through the unforgiving wilderness to judging which option is necessary in pursuit of a target, every problem comes with its own set of challenges. In military experiences, such as our agent contact and man tracking, no plan is impervious to the unexpected, and when that happens, your team must quickly decide on a new course of action, and whether that’s falling back to regroup or pressing forward, it’s adapt to survive.


Pencari Black’s military experiences bring a very literal definition of conflict resolution. Both our man tracking and agent contact packages will have your team constantly on the precipice of conflict. Whether you decide to try and work around that conflict, defuse it, or engage with it, your team will have to operate around the consequences of their decisions, whether it is to follow insurgents into a particularly dangerous area of the African bush, or convincing locals to assist you without giving away who you really are.

With so much potential danger surrounding them, your team will be forced to settle any internal conflicts as swiftly and decisively as possible, so as not to jeopardise the mission, quickly learning that having each other’s back and getting on the same page are crucial to their success.


Do you believe there may be a leader-in-waiting in your team? Or are there team members who could really excel if they had the confidence and the opportunity to display that leadership? Our fully immersive experiences are perfect for bringing out the very best in people, and for bringing out traits and skills they didn’t even know they possessed. The physicality of our experiences encourages your team to communicate in a clear, assertive manner, and be confident in expressing their concerns and ideas.

The high-intensity of all our scenarios are a great way to bring out the natural assertiveness in individuals, and to identify the natural frontrunners for leadership positions. With the option to put your team’s usual power structure to one side, these scenarios allow the best candidate for the job to assume the roles that will give their team the best chance to succeed, whilst also allowing individuals to shine outside of the roles that are usually expected of them.


Improved teamwork is the staple offering by any team-building exercise, but our military experiences are unmatched in cultivating interpersonal bonds, and a determined mentality driven by a genuine desire for team success. Every decision your team will face in our scenarios must be well communicated and understood by everyone, as co-ordinated teamwork and clearly defined roles will be the difference between success and failure. Because we take your team to a new environment for all our scenarios, they will immediately be drawn closer together, to cope with an unfamiliar land, and the shared experience over the days they spend together; the sacrifices they make for each other, the way they have each other’s backs, the unexpected acts of boldness and bravery, will stay in their consciousness long after the experience has ended. A genuine desire to see each other succeed in our missions will translate to assisting each other towards team success in the workplace.

Pencari Black’s military experiences are not your typical team-building exercises, but the benefits your team will take away are invaluable. Whether it’s facing their fears with free-fall parachuting, working together to outsmart and track insurgents in the African bush, or testing their wits behind enemy lines in agent contact, your team will be pushed beyond their limits and grow, together.