The Joy of Silence

Silence. How often do you experience it? Your mind, soul and body relaxed. No restless thoughts or nagging doubts. In control. Calm. Focused on just being.

In a high-octane world, being able to compartmentalise our lives is a vital skill. A survival skill. We juggle our work and home lives and try to find the right balance. But sometimes the only way to find our balance is to try experience what we’ve only ever dreamt of and push our mental and physical boundaries to new thresholds.

Through our service in the Special and Commando Forces, we have travelled around the world and spent time in some of the quietest places on the planet. The scarcity of wildlife, planes or cars in the Mohave Desert results in a unique and magical experience. At twilight and early in the morning, the winds calm and the quiet descends, only interrupted by the occasional howl of a lone coyote – leaving you with just your thoughts. You can read more about our favourite destinations in our blog Secret Escapes: Our 7 Favourite Places To Decompress.

As the world is increasingly accessible through technology and innovation, it is rarer to be able to find silence. It has become the ultimate luxury – no interruptions, just being able to enjoy being free, letting our minds wander and appreciate our surroundings.

Our bespoke adventures are designed to create the perfect balance of experiential travel and being able to decompress to trigger the ultimate in relaxation.

We love silence because we know it can be a brilliant stress reliever. Research has shown that silence can have the opposite effect of the brain to noise and a study published in the journal Heart discovered that two minutes of silence can prove to be even more relaxing than listening to ‘relaxing’ music.

Silence can also help us to focus, reframe our thinking and give our brains a well needed rest. According to Attention Restoration Theory, when you are in an environment with lower levels of sensory input, then your brain gets the chance to ‘recover.’ In our fast-paced world, our brains get less time to switch off and we are constantly processing vast amounts of information. This places stress on our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain responsible for making decisions, solving problems and more.

But when we spend time in silence, our brains can relax, release this constant focus and make sense of our lives and gain perspective, something that is vital for our overall wellbeing. It’s our secret to success.