The military operation: detail and precision to help create your dream adventure

At Pencari Black, preparation is key. You may be familiar with the 6 Ps – Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, with the optional expletive 7th P, which made an appearance on day one of our military training! This has stuck with us ever since and is where our journey to create Pencari Black began.

Offering clients with little or no military background the chance to undertake extreme experiences in some of the most testing and high-risk environments in the world certainly presents a challenge. There are so many variables to consider – is travel to the location safe? Is the basecamp sufficiently secure? Is all the equipment in working order? Will the client be able to cope with the pressure? When setting out on a project as high risk as this, it is vital to consider and prepare for every eventuality.

Our guests are taught techniques from some of the very best former Special and Commando Forces instructors in the world, before being left to their own devices to launch their very own real-world mission in their chosen environment – whether that is freefalling from 28,000 feet, tracking and neutralising an enemy, or live firing at moving targets – providing the opportunity to take part in an experience that many have dreamed of since childhood.

Alongside realising childhood dreams, we wanted to ensure that our clients have a truly once in a lifetime, bespoke and luxury experience. We spent months researching each of our target locations to carefully create high-end infrastructures to host our guests – luxurious accommodation, the best authentic local cuisine and the most breath-taking locations – creating the perfect environment to decompress after their high-octane training and adventure.

Every component of a Pencari Black adventure is meticulously planned and tested, utilising the experience of our former Special and Commando Force instructors to create an extreme, authentic but safe adventure. Our team of experts ensures that every eventuality is considered and covered, and risks are neutralised. And it all stemmed from those early military training days with the 6 Ps.