By the arduous nature of our experiences the rigours that these adventures place on our clothing and gear, mean that we must search for the very best there is. Guess what – we found it!

Whether in the deserts of East Africa or the hot and humid jungles of South America, we require apparel that is strong and resistant, yet also specifically suited to the harsh terrain that we are take our guests.

Having tried numerous brands finally with HELIKON-TEX we have found a clothing system that ticks every box. 

So who are these guys and why might you have not heard of them?


HELIKON-TEX is one of the European stars in tactical clothing manufacture. Initially trading as a purely military surplus outlet, under the leadership of CEO Grzegorz Mieszczak it has metamorphosed into a manufacturing and supplier of top quality tactical clothing and equipment across Europe, and lately expanding into the USA.

Their customers cross a whole section of users of tactical and outdoor clothing/gear, from soldiers, law enforcement, special forces operatives and commercial trainers, through to hikers, campers, survivalists and shooters. You may have seen their products featured in movies such as HALO: Nightfall and TV’s: House of Cards.

HELIKON-TEX is a Polish company founded in 1983. Back then their focus was mostly on imported camping gear from Sweden. When it came to the military side of the business, it really all began just after the fall of communism in 1989. At last the borders were open and along came a rapid growth in the demand for Western military surplus. Step into the new millennium and with the availability of surplus clothing coming to an end the move from being a surplus dealer to becoming a manufacturer and distributor of tactical and outdoor clothing was a no brainer.


From tactical clothing to bushcraft wear, whatever your need, you can guarantee that all are underpinned with both quality and performance. With the demand for their exceptional clothing being clearly on the rise, a new manufacturing and distribution centre in Poland was essential, this move along with a launch into the US market, it will surely make it an interesting year for HELIKON-TEX.

With PENCARI Black delivering our immersive experiences across the globe, we require a diverse array of camouflage patterns for our team and guests to wear. HELIKON -TEX provide A-TACS, Kryptek and PenCott camouflage, all in various colours and patterns, we are never without a solution to our clothing needs. 

HELIKON-TEX PenCott® GreenZone®, performs exceptionally well in forests, woodland, mixed grassland and even in open meadows and fields. It matches the Northern, Central and Western European vegetation incredibly well and we believe it to be one of the best patterns for these regions – hence GreenZone® is what our guests wear when enjoying our ‘Live Fire’ experience in the Czech Republic

PenCott® BadLands® is another favourite of ours. It works great as a late-autumn/winter pattern in deciduous woodland, as well as in dry and semi-arid regions – like in the US Colorado Desert, the location for our ‘Agent Contact’ experience: PENCARI Black’s big sister PENCARI Training, delivers multiple training projects in East Africa, both for the Military and assisting with the fight against wildlife poaching. The BadLands® pattern has proved exceptional in this terrain. Check out our ‘Mantracking’ experience for more BadLands® exposure:

There are times when accompanying some of our ‘Elite’ level guests on one of our bespoke and personalised experiences: we may prefer to wear a more low profile, ’subdued’ clothing line. This is especially critical when travelling in some of the more extreme regions that our adventures take place. HELIKON-TEX deliver a perfect alternative, well suited to our needs for practical and discrete carriage, yet aesthetically pleasing and with an ergonomic fit. The ‘Urban, Outback, Bushcraft and Range’ lines deliver proven robustness along with the necessary weather resistance we require for vigorous outdoor use.


So what next for HELIKON-TEX? They have been attending both the IWA in Germany and the Shot Show (USA) for many years, and are now making real inroads into the US  market. With new sizing charts, they have reconfigured everything to fit the American sizing model, meaning that their lines are now more readily available to the US market. The future looks bright for this exceptional clothing and gear company. Look out USA HELIKON-TEX is coming.


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