Up close and personal: when the training kicks in


Training. We all need it to be the best that we can be. Training in the special forces takes on another meaning – combat takes place on many stages and in various scenarios. We are trained to be adaptable, trained to be able to survive and trained to thrive when faced with unexpected challenges.

When we find ourselves in a high-pressure situation, it is the years of experience and special training that sets us apart from the rest. Containing the body’s natural response when adrenalin kicks in is paramount. Remembering your training is only half the battle – the other half is implementing it, instinctively – without hesitation.

When you find yourself in an intense situation, the adrenalin crashes through your system and the urge to fight or flight kicks in. Your heartbeat quickens, pupils dilate, stomach clenches. In a flash, you’re ready for survival – primed with greater strength, heightened awareness and quicker reaction time. This is the point where your subconscious and muscle memory come into play, and with your special forces training and years of experience behind you, you go into autopilot.

Everything else around you becomes almost a dream state, unnecessary distractions are gone, and your mind becomes focused, sharp, clear and elevates to an entirely different level of clarity and objectivity. You are able to prioritise your actions – how you will go about achieving your goal, what needs to be done and when? Your commands are short, concise and clear, yet direct and full of purpose. You are in control, totally focused and in the moment. Nothing else matters – you are at the peak of your mental awareness and physical effectiveness at that precise time. 

Then – nothing compares to the feeling of exhilaration that washes over you after surviving a near death experience. It is pure euphoria. You made it. Your team made it.

Being able to control our reactions and responses is just as important in the world of business – especially when we are making decisions that affect other people’s lives. Being able to deconstruct our thinking processes, be calm and considered, respond with compassion and sensitivity is part of being an extraordinary leader.

Training is what helps you become exceptional. A Pencari Black experience is one way that you can learn about yourself and how you respond and react in different situations. Train for the impossible. Then live it. Then decompress in luxury. Learning never stops. Neither do the team at Pencari Black.