01 Who We Are

Hi, my name is Dean Williams and along with the rest of our team, I want to welcome you to PENCARI BLACK. We are a group of former Special and Commando Forces operators with a passion for doing the extraordinary – it’s what we do! Our goal is to deliver what can only be described as ‘unbelievable’ experiences – well, start believing because we can turn your dreams into reality. We offer you, your family and friends the chance to experience what it’s like to be part of a Special and Commando forces operation.

Our team have accumulated years of experience operating at the highest levels and have served within the premier United Kingdom Special and Commando forces Units – Special Air Service, Special Boat Service and Royal Marines Commandos. Through our sister company – PENCARI Training we have been successfully delivering bespoke training initiatives to the worlds Special Forces community for many years. It was during just such a training package that one evening while sitting around the campfire, surrounded by a starlit sky enjoying, an incredibly smooth single malt whisky, that the idea for PENCARI BLACK was born.

02 We Support

We also wanted to give something back to the organisations that we served in, so a percentage of all profits from PENCARI BLACK go to the following charities – helping those individuals and families who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

  • The Clock Tower Fund
  • The SBS Association
  • The Royal Marines Charity

03 The Group

Special and Commando forces operations rely on every member of the Team understanding the mission and whatever occurs, fulfilling that mission and seeing it through to completion. If just one member of the team is off focus the consequences could be deadly. As a group we are stronger. A wise person once said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and here at PENCARI Black we couldn’t agree more. To that end we have established a network of key organisations who both think and function with the same ethos as us. These teams are the leaders in their fields and come highly recommended by us. They work with us, laugh with us, play with us but when the it’s time to step up, they are always there for us.




Imagine the Impossible - Then Live It